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Meeting Logistics



Registration is your attendee's first impression of your event.   From database design and management to designing of the registration site and reporting, we can customize everything to your exact requirements. From just a simple design of your registration site to having live representatives answering the phone line dedicated to your event, attendee experience will be personalized and streamlined, setting the right tone for your conference from the start.

On Site Management

From creating a warm welcome for your attendees at the airport to making sure that your venue is set up according to your specifications, AV sound check is done prior to your speakers' arrival and ensuring transportation vehicles show up on time, etc, the check list for running of a successful conference seems endless.  We can provide as little or as much on site support as needed to ensure successful outcome of your conference.

Exhibit Sales


Exhibitor sale revenues are critical components to the financial success of your conference. Exhibitors and co-sponsors can benefit by increased exposure to a targeted, influential audience, while your financial success is taken to exciting new heights..

Our team will design an exhibitor and co-sponsor program that brings together a cohesive way to deliver the maximum benefits to your attendees, exhibitors, co-sponsors, and your bottom line.

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